So here’s some shitty Muffin Explosion sketchy shit. Shit. Literally to worst sketches I’ve done thus far.

I’m struggling to develop a grown-up/teenaged Dipper. (Because I’m squicky about age: I just don’t think anyone under 16 can be viably ‘sexual’.) So, I figure he’s 17 or so, about to go off to college (because he’s a wunderkind); still trying to decide where… Somewhere damned good, perhaps in Oregon, perhaps Cali… Mabel’s definitely going to art school. Dipper is not.

Anyway. Thanks to Summerween, we can safely say that Robbie is at least 4 years older than Dips, giving us a nice 21-to-17 parallel in my fun future world… u_u I’m okay with this.

This isn’t my favourite Robbie design, either. He shouldn’t have a labret, and his hair should be scene as fuck. Whatever that means… I’m just playing around, pay me no mind. I do like the barbed wire… because he’s a fucking zombie.

#robbie’s head is huge lol